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Panic Button: A Real Life-Saver
Still using the dreadful walkie-talkie system, whereby patrol guards could not dispatch a warning discreetly due to the loud sound emitted by the device or the occasional poor signal transmission? Let’s ignore all of the above stated setbacks for a moment and ask yourself this question: how long do you think it takes for a walkie-talkie to send out a distress alarm? In a minute or even 30 seconds? That said, a lot of circumstances could happen within 30 seconds, let alone a minute; i.e. a slip on a wet floor, machinery accidents or maybe the appalling mugging incident.
Which is why, TimeTec Patrol’s Panic Button feature is designed to be activated within a swift 3 seconds time period. This is roughly the amount of time taken for you to enter this page and imagine how this pertains to an actual emergency. What we hope to achieve is to allow for instantaneous assist to be carried out in the event of a life-threatening scenario. When activated, other than an alarm sound beaming from the Smartphone, notifications regarding the location of the supposed patrol guard will also be sent throughout the system thus alerting the supervisors in charge both near and far. For a more subtle approach as reference earlier, silent mode can be selected to ensure a much less intrusive method in calling for backup all without drawing unwanted attention to the user. As for connectivity, TimeTec Patrol is plug into the network as long as there is an Internet connection, which is definitely not hard to come by in this modern digital era.

Here are some possible examples in which the Panic Button feature might come in handy:

  Situation 1:
These features can save your lives. No, we mean it literally! With TimeTec Patrol, the guards can tap on the ‘Panic Button’ within their respective smartphones and in 3 seconds, the alarm sound will be activated as well as notifications being sent to the supervisors in charge thus alerting anyone nearby of any urgent matter. On the other hand, security staffs are also able to send in a report of the supposed incidents immediately due to the handy ‘Report Incidents’ function incorporated within the software. Additionally, guards can even include pictures together with the report to ease in explaining the occasional convoluted situation.
  Situation 2:
On a windy day in an unfortunate turn of event, an enormous tree branch happened to snap off and landed on a nearby water pipe thus causing leakage in the affected area. A security guard passing by can then immediately signal the authorities in charge by activating the Panic Button in TimeTec Patrol. Not only will the alarm sound go off on the smartphone thus warning both nearby patrolling staffs and pedestrians of the serious hazard but also the guard can include photos of the tragedy, thereby saving precious time from having to explain the already complicated situation.
However, as much as we like you to utilize this function, it should be noted that this feature should only be deployed when there is a genuine need for assistance and not to be handled irresponsibly; say the Panic Button included within i-Neighbour Mobile Application, whereby it is tailored for residents who require a quick option in contacting the surrounding patrol guards for help.

On the other hand, for security companies interested in exploring further with TimeTec Patrol, we are giving every account a FREE 7-day trial of TimeTec Patrol for you to experience all the benefits of cloud and mobile technology. Give TimeTec Patrol a try! We are confident that you will be amazed by what we have to offer.

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