TimeTec Patrol
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Technical Tips
Date Software & Device Setup EN
24-08-22 How to Setup Live Location Tracking in TimeTec Patrol
29-07-22 How to Add New Patrol Device and Assign Guard to Use Patrol Device
29-11-21 How to Set Emergency Contacts in TimeTec Patrol
29-10-21 Replacing Checkpoint Tags in TimeTec Patrol
28-10-21 Manage New System Roles and Admin in TimeTec Patrol
16-08-21 How to Use an Existing Patrol Device in A New Patrol Location with TimeTec Patrol
21-05-21 How to Reset User Password for TimeTec Account
18-05-21 TimeTec Patrol - Tardiness Reason
16-03-21 How to Disable Unused Checkpoint in TimeTec Patrol
22-02-21 How To Monitor Late in Scanning Checkpoints (Tardiness) & Reason in TimeTec Patrol
24-12-20 How to Assign Task for Patrol Checkpoint in TimeTec Patrol
14-12-20 How to Construct Hierarchy Chart in TimeTec
18-11-20 Enhancement of Import Users in TimeTec Solutions
16-11-20 How To Create A New Profile Field And Add In TimeTec Patrol
21-04-20 How To Create Patrol Division In Organization Structure in TimeTec Patrol
07-04-20 How To Create Patrol Routes And Assign Checkpoints Using The Patrol Route Feature
31-03-20 How to Create NFC / Beacon Checkpoint in TimeTec Patrol
23-03-20 How to Link TimeTec Patrol with EpiCamera
24-02-20 Timetec Patrol - How to create the incident list and assign notification recipients to incident
22-01-20 Manage User in TimeTec Patrol
02-01-19 How to Configure Staff Contact View In TimeTec
27-06-18 How To Configure System Roles and Admin Module
30-05-18 TimeTec Patrol Latest Enhancement - Auto Scan NFC Checkpoint
24-05-18 How to Use TimeTec Patrol’s Panic Button
28-11-17 Get Live Updates of Patrolling Activities through Live Monitoring Feature in TimeTec Patrol
11-10-17 Overview of Organization Structure in TimeTec Patrol
14-04-17 Adding Billing Admin in TimeTec
16-12-16 Use Inactive User Tab to Contain Dormant Users
28-06-16 TimeTec – Profile Layouts and Data Fields
  Step by Step NFC Checkpoint Registration for TimeTec Patrol
  Overview of TimeTec Patrol Setup
Date Patrol Schedule Management (Patrol Route/Scheduling) EN
29-06-22 How to Create Patrol Schedule for TimeTec Patrol
18-05-22 TimeTec Patrol - How to Assign Job Orders to Patrol Officers
30-09-21 Checkpoint Frequency Report in TimeTec Patrol
29-09-21 Synchronizing TimeTec Patrol Routes With Schedule (Patrol Location did not appear in Schedule routes option error)
07-11-17 Using Patrol Routes in TimeTec Patrol
19-10-17 All about Scheduling in TimeTec Patrol
Date TimeTec Mobile EN
18-10-22 Monitoring Patrol Records in TimeTec Patrol (Mobile App)
30-12-21 Setting Up NFC Checkpoint Tags for TimeTec Patrol
29-11-21 Reporting an Incident in TimeTec Patrol
27-10-21 How to Patrol Using TimeTec Patrol App
15-03-19 TimeTec Patrol - Offline Mode
21-11-17 Getting Started with TimeTec Patrol App
13-07-17 App Lock - Assign Smartphones to Security Guards without Worry
  A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Offline Mode in TimeTec Patrol App
Date Others EN