TimeTec Patrol
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Why TimeTec Patrol?
TimeTec Patrol centralizes guard management and monitoring system in a cloud server, available online at www.timetecpatrol.com.
At a minimal monthly subscription fee, TimeTec Patrol provides security firms with an effective patrolling system.
Manage the profile of all your security guards in one centralized server
Manage the whereabouts of your patrolling security guards in real-time
Assign tasks to the guards on duty efficiently
Quantify the guards' patrolling duties by collecting their tour time as it happens
Provide your company with audit trails of incidents happened during patrol sessions
Scale up and down the system according to your business requirements
Pull crucial information in the time of need from various records and reports
Determine ROI of your security business
Needs to Warm up to Cloud-Based Guard Monitoring to Retain Clients.

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