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A Guard Patrol System Explained
What is a guard patrol system? It is a system that positions guards on specific patrol routes to surveil companies and organizations' assets and environment within the given time intervals, ensuring the security of the surrounding at all times. The most common guard patrol system uses handheld devices or better known as tour wand to perform tour rounds and the reports of the patrol rounds retrieval post-tour only. The latest guard patrol system like TimeTec Patrol incorporates iOT devices, smartphone and cloud technology to offer the industry with a more effective guard patrol system to date.

Using a cloud guard patrol system like TimeTec Patrol, security firms and their clients can monitor the activities of the patrol guards in real time, leaving little room for disobedience or straying from the actual duty. Each guard will be given a tool i.e a smartphone installed with a patrol App and he has to perform his round by tapping on the NFC tags or Beacons scattered along his assigned route. During a guard's patrol duty, he can receive additional tasks from the control room; send notes and photos to report any incidences he observes in real time. And, the mobile App is equipped with SOS feature to be used during emergencies.

By using a cloud guard patrol system, security companies will be updated with the goings-on at all times with live feed, incident reports and detailed view of guards' activities from a reliable centralized system.

Advantages of Cloud Guard Patrol System
Simply Effective - A cloud guard patrol system simplifies the reporting of the patrol rounds for the guards by automating the checkpoint data and reporting of incidents. By having a smartphone installed with a mobile app that can record the times of check in at every checkpoint, everybody (the guards and the patrolling officers alike) has the piece of mind knowing that nothing gets lost in translations during any patrol tour. The guards report using the app and the automated incident reports and photos tell exactly what happened without having to describe the event to the superiors.
Everyone Is Accountable - With cloud guard patrol system like TimeTec Patrol nobody can put the blame on other people or gets blamed because each account belongs to a guard. Hence, all records related to that guard belongs to his/her. When every event is recorded without bias, no one can escape the accountability.
Saving By Automation - Too much time is wasted on manual processing of patrol round details and too much money is spent on unnecessary workforce to do that manual task. By automating patrol scheduling, incident reporting, time keeping of patrol rounds, a lot of time and money can be saved instantaneously.
Data Is Intact - Keeping all data in the cloud server ensuring its safety because no unauthorized individuals can compromise it. Nobody can alter the data without trace in the system and the absence of physical server on site makes the data protected and untouchable.
Precisely Reliable - As long as the Internet connection is available, you will have the access rights to the cloud guard patrol system and its data. Cloud guard patrol system allows you to access the system and the data at any time, from any where without limitations, making this system reliable and securely accessible.
Details Matter - The system records every detail of tour activities so there is no grey area left unaccounted for. If a guard was 13 minutes late, the record will show the exact 13 minutes without leeway. If an incident occurred, the photos will show what happen without extra story that cannot be corroborated.
Systematically Scheduled Scheduling guards is not an easy feat because different sites require different schedules and timing. A cloud guard patrol system such as TimeTec Patrol can cater to that complexity without hassle because the officers can arrange the schedules way in advance and cope with the changes swiftly without compromising the other schedules in the system.
Tracking Made Easy - The GPS live tracking feature in cloud guard patrol system like TimeTec Patrol provides the management and the clients with live view of the guards on sites, providing comfort knowing that service is provided at all times.
Real Time Reports - All activities and incidents reported by the patrol guards can be viewed in real time in cloud guard patrol system and any remedy to the situations can be supplied at the soonest.
System Scalability - With a cloud guard patrol system, you just pay for what you need, and you can add or reduce according to the requirements without having to deal with huge lost for example dealing with server investment and other hardware tools.
Control From Afar - For conventional system like tour wand, the control is limited to the control room, which is usually on site. The control of cloud guard patrol system can be done remotely and not confined to the control room only.
Guards Safety - The automatic reporting and the S.O.S feature available on mobile App like TimeTec Patrol protects the guards' safety by providing correct and reliable data for the management to see their performance, and also a tool for them to seek help during emergencies.
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Industries Suitable For A Guard Patrol System
Security Firms - To manage security guards that they supply to various clients and sites
Manufacturing Facilities - To safeguard their buildings, assets and to observe and report malicious manufacturing process
Schools And Educational Institutes - To monitor premises from outside threats and to safeguard students
Public Transportation Services - To monitor the public and report real time incidents
Finance Institutions - To monitor outside threats and make sure that the premises are secured
Warehouse - To safeguard the contents of the warehouse from being stolen or damaged
Cleaning And Maintenance - To monitor the workers and their activities
Retail Outlets - To safeguard the public that comes to the outlets and the retailers occupying the space
Medical Institutions - To monitor the institutions from hazards and make sure that the premises and workforce are protected
Residential Areas - To monitor residents, visitors and building from potential danger