TimeTec Patrol
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Patrol Effectively with the Latest Technology
TimeTec Patrol
Get your 30-day trial without any obligations.
Experience TimeTec Patrol Now!
TimeTec Patrol is giving a free 30-day trial for you to experience the benefits of NFC and cloud technology to strengthen the operation of your security company!
The Benefits of TimeTec Patrol!
Low investment with NFC tag or Beacon and Patrol App as patrol tool
Monitor the whereabouts of your guards at all time
Be accurately informed about incidents and emergencies as it happens through real photos in real time
Assign tasks to guards on duty through App on smart phones
Have audit trails and reports of guards' activities
View and print reports anytime, from anywhere
Let's Get Started!
What you need:
NFC or BLE (for Beacon) enabled smartphone with TimeTec Patrol App downloaded
Get any NFC tag or Beacon, or order here.
What to do:
Add guards & patrol locations
Set up patrol device (TimeTec Patrol App on smartphone) & assign guards to use
Create the list of incidents & notification recipients
Create the list of checkpoints (NFC tags/Beacon)
Select checkpoints to build a patrol route & enroll the checkpoints using TimeTec Patrol App
Create patrol schedule
Assign guards & routes into patrol schedule
DONE! Your guards are ready to carry out patrolling duties once they sign in to the TimeTec Patrol App.