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TimeTec Patrol Solution
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TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Patrol is a solution designed to manage a company's security. No matter how you decide to secure your premises, whether your security service is provided in-house, outsourced or you yourself own a security company, TimeTec Patrol provides you a way to manage the guards patrolling your premises effectively.

TimeTec Patrol is using Near Frequency Communication (NFC) and Cloud computing technology to provide security firms with an effective patrolling app on Android NFC infused smartphons. During patrol duty rounds, guards will be using the app as a tool and he needs to tap the phone on NFC checkpoints to confirm location and time at that particular location. This app also allows the patrolling guards to report incidents, send photos, provide updates in real-time or request for an S.O.S distress message to the manager in charge to maintain high level of security at all times.

TimeTec Patrol caters for different role functions that include administrators, supervisors and security officers, with the respective user-interface for both PC and Mobile App for Android.

Security is NEVER a compromise and your investment in TimeTec Patrol ensures that you manage all security aspects of your organization.

Incident, Checkpoint and Route Management
Offers easy setup for incidents, checkpoints and routes in one centralized system.
Patrol Schedule Details
Allows set up of patrol schedules, set patrol routes, time range and assignment of guards to patrolling duties.
Guards' profiles and patrolling data management
Stores and manage guards' profiles and their patrolling data.
Instant Notification
Receives notifications on patrolling activity, incidents and SOS through email or mobile push notification.
Pre-configured reports
Generate patrol reports such as monthly patrol reports, incident reports and more based on real data.
TimeTec Patrol Apps
Offers a mobile solution for security guards to report patrolling duties via NFC tag and view their patrol routes.
TimeTec Patrol is available in 20 languages; on web and mobile app.
English • Spanish • Indonesian • Malay • Chinese Traditional • Chinese Simplified • Thai • Arabic
Vietnamese • German • Portuguese • Hindi • Japanese • Turkish and more...
TimeTec Patrol App

Patrolling Easy & Clearly

Get TimeTec Patrol Mobile
Checkpoint Scan Made Easy with NFC
View & Manage Scheduled Routes
Report Incidents As it Happens
SOS Alert during Emergencies Complete with Photos
Receive Ad-Hoc Job Orders During Rounds
Get Notified for Crucial Information
Access to Emergency Contacts At All Times
Real-Time Monitoring of Guards Whereabout