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FingerTec News  05/11/2017
No More Wandering In The Dark
Why is there always the aspect of miscommunication when it comes down to assigning tasks to security guards? Is it because the guards actually misunderstand you or the fact that they might be skipping out on their jobs? No matter. With TimeTec Patrol, no longer will there be any confusion among security guards during touring of the premises. This is because every task given will be displayed clearly on TimeTec Patrol cloud solution.
Overview of TimeTec Patrol
Track Patrol Guards Effectively
TimeTec Patrol also ensures that each route assigned by the company is completely toured and checked by the guards. Therefore, situations whereby guards wandering in the ‘dark’ or in this case aimlessly during their working hours will instantly be eliminated once our cloud solution is deployed. Worry that guards might skip the intended routes? No fuss. TimeTec Patrol can control the "start route" and "end route" by time thus preventing any form of dishonesty and also ensure that the company is paying the right person for the right job.

How about the fact that security guards always patrol the same routes which inadvertently leads to security being compromised? No problem. Scheduled routes can also easily be randomized by the person in charge. Hence, providing a more secure and effective operation as well as constantly keeping guards on the lookout since the location that they are patrolling will never be the same.

Like the name suggest, TimeTec Patrol does not only assist guards in their duties but also acts as a virtual patrol officer by keeping a watchful eye for the management in terms of the behaviour of their security guards. No where else will you be able to find an ‘assistant’ this dedicated to the job at hand. Check out TimeTec Patrol now and see it for yourselves! We promise that you won’t regret it.

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