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Security Panel List Program

Unhealthy competition often led to profit deterioration amongst security companies, hence affecting the guards' income significantly. As such, some security companies even pay lesser than the regulated minimum wages to guards just to secure business. Consequently, when the guards quit especially the good ones, replacement is usually hard to come by. The main problem is caused by the quality of guarding service that is difficult to measure with no strong proof of job done to be produced to customers in real time. Evidently for now, the only way to win a contract is by offering a competitive a.k.a lower rate per hour when you quote in order to get that slight advantage over your competitors. This vicious price competition is harming the industry and indirectly creating a less safe society.
1. To improve guard's quality in creating a more secure and safe environment.
2. To improve guard's earnings.
3. To improve security company's profits.
How TimeTec Security Panel List (TSPL) Program could assist in achieving these objectives?
1. By providing a trusted list that guarantees the delivery of quality security guard services to the customers.
2. By presenting all relevant information including per hour rate to interested customers.
3. By having a specific tool to measure the quality of guards via real time monitoring feature presented by a cloud system, TimeTec Patrol and TimeTec TA.
4. By maintaining the quality of the panel list companies. That said, TimeTec system will raise a red flag if the panelist companies can't maintain their quality to a certain level in two consecutive months and this will lead to the removal of the security company from the list.

The Benefits of TSPL Program:
1. Security companies could be charging higher rate per hour due to the demand for better quality guards by customers.
2. Security companies would find it easier to recruit good quality guards due to the better salary that they could afford.
3. TimeTec has access to a vast pool of customers such as neighbourhood communities that engage with security companies. Normally, around 80% of them are not satisfied with their guard's services. Therefore, TimeTec will be providing them with TimeTec Security Panel List for them to request for quotation without any commission percentage attached to it for TimeTec.
4. No annual fee (only an initial commitment investment of TimeTec Starter Pack).
5. With the bundling of TimeTec system for quality measurement, the panel companies can charge higher per hour rate.

The Commitments:
1. A one-time investment of RM2000 consisting of 20 permanent TimeTec Patrol checkpoint licenses, 20 Free NFC tags, and 20 permanent TimeTec TA licenses for time attendance and 20 permanent TimeTec Leave licenses for leaves management. (Worth a total of RM2,100 even for the first-year subscription). The starter pack can also be deployed at a customer's place.
2. To ensure that the guards sent to serve the customers under the TSPL Program are of higher quality than the regular guards.

How to Become a Panel Company?
1. Fill up the application form online.
2. Interview will be conducted, and information given vet through before approval is given.
3. A certificate of TSPL Program will be sent to your company when approved.
4. To buy a starter pack and implement it at one of your customer sites to experience the system.
TSPL Application Form
TSPL Program