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Malaysia | 05/04/2018
TimeTec Patrol Keeping A Close Watch On Equine Park
Encompassing a 450 acres leasehold land in the township of Seri Kembangan is Equine Park, an exclusive residential estate situated amidst lush landscaping in Bandar Putra Permai. Developed by Equine Capital Berhad, Equine Park is the first of the company’s flagship projects for Seri Kembangan.

As Equine Park is strategically placed nearby various premier schools; both local and international as well as including a child-friendly playground within its exclusive enclave, it is no doubt that security is a main concern for Equine Park as the area is often frequented by young children. Since the residential area wasn’t using any smart security system to begin with, the security management in Equine Park, Richworld Sdn. Bhd. scouted for a solution that could ensure that the neighbourhood is fully secured for children to play around or travel to their respective schools and explored TimeTec Patrol .

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TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based guard tour solution that is designed to help manage the guards patrolling within your premises effectively. How it works is that patrolling guards can inform their patrolling activities to the security management by tapping on the NFC Tag scattered along their patrolling routes with their smartphone. However for Equine Park, the most important aspect is that patrolling guards can utilize TimeTec Patrol to report incidents such as injury, accidents or student bullying and even request for an S.O.S distress message to the personnel in charge if things get out of hand in order rectify the problems immediately. What’s more, guards can even send in photos via TimeTec Patrol that could potentially serve as evidences used to detain any culprits involved thus further ensuring that the children within the community are kept a close eye on.

Residents in Equine Park may now rest assured knowing that their loved ones are in safe hands with TimeTec Patrol being deployed in the neighbourhood along with multiple NFC Tags installed around the perimeter of the residence for tighter security.

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