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FingerTec News | 02/03/2018
TimeTec Patrol Stopping Real Threats with Real-Time
As stated by American Singer/Actor/Businessman, Jimmy Dean, “I can’t change the directions of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”. Today, the aspect of technology is moving at an extremely fast pace so much so that it is important for organizations nowadays to accept changes and evolve quickly in order to catch up with the momentum. Otherwise, it could possibly be left behind and maybe even incur losses along the way. The same can be said towards the development of software as well whereby the demand and expectation for it, is that the software has to operate smoothly, swiftly and securely. With this, comes the introduction of a feature known as Real-Time, whereby from a technological point of view, the system must respond as rapidly as required that a user senses it as sufficiently immediate.
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What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Well for a start, our guard tour solution is designed with this concept (Real-Time) in mind because we believe that when it comes to security, nothing should be left lost in translation and not even one minute is being unaccounted for. TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based solution that assists in the management of security guards regardless of how you decide to secure your premises; whether your security service is provided in-house, outsourced or you yourself own a security company. This is why we also provide TimeTec Patrol with a Mobile Application version as well.

TimeTec Patrol App is developed to improve the way guards handle and address their patrolling activities straight from their smartphone. With the power and conveniences of a smartphone, TimeTec Patrol allows patrol guards to report incidents, send photos, provide updates or even request for an S.O.S distress message entirely in real-time. Thus, maintaining high level of security at all times. On the other hand, the management can also utilize this feature to carry out real-time job assignment; effectively curbing any tendencies for the guards to slack or wander off. Additionally, this action could even help boost the security within the surroundings as the security management could randomize the job tasks given daily and assure that unauthorized individuals will be unable to easily circumvent any loopholes in terms of the patrol routes taken. Again, did we mention that all these procedures can be executed in real-time?

Timing is very important in security and having the guards equipped with a tool that assists them in reporting to the management if something happened in real-time, is very crucial for any security firms. Hence, our solution TimeTec Patrol combines NFC and BLE-enabled smartphones with NFC Tag and Beacon to obtain guaranteed proofs that the patrolling guards were at the particular location. The flexibility of this feature further ensures that managers have real-time access to the information required before making an informed decision.

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At TimeTec, we always ensure that our customers receive the best user experience with our cloud solutions. For TimeTec Patrol, if security is indeed your business; now is the right moment to make your investments worth its while. Visit TimeTec Patrol now and find out some of the best things that our cloud solution can offer! We’re even offering a FREE 30-day trial without any obligations if you feel the need to test the waters before ‘setting sail’.
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