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FingerTec News  05/10/2017
It's Time You Be in the Know!
Have you watch movies nowadays whereby a futuristic organization is often shown utilizing an advanced supercomputer system to quickly track any agents on the field or even the location of the supposed villain? At this point in time, this bird’s-eye view of a technology is no longer fiction and you need to look no further than your reliable smartphone. With TimeTec Patrol, your smartphone can just be as sophisticated and safeguarding as the computers portrayed in the movies.

This is because TimeTec Patrol is a solution designed to manage a company’s security. In other words, your security guards are similar to the agents on the field within a movie. What’s more like in the movies, TimeTec Patrol allows you to locate the whereabouts of each guards by enabling the Geolocation tag in the smartphone thus as mentioned earlier giving you an ‘aerial perspective’ of your assigned premise. Hence, no more will you operate in the dark as you are now given the opportunity to examine every steps that your security guards have taken through Mobile or even Web if you wished so.

To make this process even more detailed than it already is, you can also installed NFC Tags along strategic path for a more accurate and certain manner in determining the patrol routes of the guards. Resembling the tracking devices within films in design, the NFC Tags’ subtle nature basically allows it to be installed virtually anywhere and at the same time being inconspicuous to the public’s eye. As a result, we believe that this particular trait will allow guards to seamlessly carry out their duty without any unwanted hindrance or attention.

Checkpoint Scan Made Easy with NFC
View & Manage Scheduled Routes
Report Incidents As it Happens
SOS Alert during Emergencies Complete with Photos
Receive Ad-Hoc Job Orders During Rounds
Get Notified for Crucial Information
Access to Emergency Contacts At All Times
Real-Time Monitoring of Guards Whereabout
Offline Mode for Patrolling Routes

Unlike in the movies, you do not need to have an extreme budget in order to establish or maintain this modern piece of technology as it mainly operates on the cloud. Which in turn makes TimeTec Patrol suitable and affordable for any kind of industry, be it a small startup company or a million-dollar enterprise. As such, subscribe to TimeTec Patrol for as low as RM5 per user monthly and take note that if you billed the subscription yearly or require more than 500 user licenses, we have an amazing additional offer for your consideration.

On the other hand, for anyone who’s still not assured with the capabilities of TimeTec Patrol, we also offer a FREE 30-day trial for customers who intend to inspect our cloud solution before placing any long-term commitment. Give TimeTec Patrol a try! Who knows maybe you will be the one apprehending the ‘villain’ next time and unknowingly be the savior of your company.

For more information, email us at info@timeteccloud.com.

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