TimeTec Patrol
What is TimeTec Patrol?
These are the features that are available on the app:
Report Attendance My Schedule & Roster
Emergency Contacts Report Incidents
Routes & Checkpoints Job Orders
Panic Button Settings
In TimeTec Patrol the guards can view their schedules and are provided with the guideline of timing when they do their rounds.
With TimeTec Patrol, there is no more hassle on how to report on cases, as the app comes with a list of incidents that could possibly occur during a patrol session. Some security firms employ foreign workers as guards and this feature has been made simple, where guards just need to select accordingly and attach picture without having to provide own explanation.
When assigned the areas to patrol, we may also include in a list of items to check while the guards are in that area. For example, the instruction can go like this, please ensure that there are 2 locks on the door. And the guards have to answer "Yes" or "No" and the guard's answer determines the next course of action.