TimeTec Patrol
What is TimeTec Patrol?
Automation of Tasks Promotes Efficiency
From scheduling of patrol routes to accessing the routes by guards and capturing every detail of the route, TimeTec Patrol is automated. Every detail of data in TimeTec Patrol will be pushed to the cloud server and the management gets to know everything that's been happening without any hidden details or the ability to make the data disappear. This system also prevents human errors, inaccurate data and inefficiency due to manual deployment of things.
Effective BYOD Concept
Use the smartphones to download TimeTec Patrol app and the guards will be using their existing phones or the phones that the company provides for them in order to carry out their patrol duties effectively. The company does not need to invest in expensive tool and gadget to have an effective monitoring solution.
Confidential Patrol Routes Prevent Cheating
The guards' patrol routes scheduled by the supervisors will only be revealed when the guard is reporting for duty and open the TimeTec Patrol during his rounds. By not knowing what's in store for him during his duty, no shady plan can be preplanned by the guards to beat the security system.
Accurate Reports to Present to Clients
When each minute is accounted for and the client knows the detail of it, it gives the client confidence to engage with your service without having to worry about their investment and the security that you promise.
Gauge Productivity of Guards Effectively
By using TimeTec Patrol, you can also gauge the productivity of each guard by knowing who sticks to the time, who laxes on their jobs, who arrives late, who leave early, and etc.
Cost-Savings Measure
Investment in TimeTec Patrol worth it's every penny because the system presents the company with accurate data and at the same time reduce the burden of manual labor, reducing a lot of unnecessary costs of human labor and errors Reports Check out the sample reports of TimeTec Patrol.