TimeTec Patrol
What is TimeTec Patrol?
Data Collecting & Monitoring
TimeTec Patrol automates data collection process with the use of NFC tags and TimeTec Patrol App during patrol sessions.
Eliminates mistakes, intentional errors & dishonesty in the system such as 'buddy punching'.
Reduces time spent on processing timesheet data.
Obtain transaction logs and user information using PUSH technology and automatically centralizes it in TimeTec Patrol.
Provides access to real-time data monitoring features.
Allows offline patrol mode data to be captured, if no Internet connection is found. Patrol data will be sent to the server once connection is established.
Send notifications to emergency contact persons, during an emergency by triggering the SOS button.
Guard Patrolling Management
TimeTec Patrol is flexible, easy to use, and is able to handle complex patrolling assignments.
Combines NFC-enabled Android phones with NFC tags for patrol check-ins.
Records all guards' tour times and locations, as they happen to ensure the patrolling jobs are carried out.
Manages patrolling routes and checkpoints of your security guards.
Sends ad hoc requests to the on-duty guards to be carried out during tour easily.
Allows security guards on-duty to report incidents instantly using TimeTec Patrol mobile app, complete with picture(s) attachment.
Guards can view their schedules and rosters easily via smartphone.
Offers real-time patrolling monitoring features.
System And Data Management
Offers easy and automatic daily full system data backup and simplified full system recovery
User selectable ODBC compatible database is used to meet the enterprise level requirements, e.g. MySQL
Supports different levels of user privilege settings; Admin, Client and Guards.
Provides an average length of 3 years data storage.
Reporting & Editing
Employees' attendance data is valuable for companies, as the data can be used to generate relevant reports to help manage your business.
Provides real-time data for managers to have access to the information required before making an informed decision.
Report Layout is configurable and customizable.
Provides preconfigured reports such as monthly patrol report, incident reports and more based on patrolling data.
Multiple filters to ease report generation.
Reports can be generated in pdf, xls, doc and rtf.
Sort reports by patrol location for easy patrol data management.
Interface with Third Party System
TimeTec Patrol has an open architecture, enabling it to provide maximum flexibility for integrating time and attendance information with your existing system.
Manual data export: The structure of the export data table is customizable according to different fields, field length and column sequence to simplify data processing for third party use.
TimeTec Patrol Mobile App
These are the features that are available in the mobile app:
Emergency Contacts Incidents Routes & Checkpoints Job Orders
Panic Button Reports Notifications Settings
Guards on duty are able to view all routes and checkpoints assigned to them before each patrol.
On duty guards can report any incidents instantly to their superiors.
Guards can push the Panic button during emergency to trigger an S.O.S alert
Admin can assign new jobs for guards on duty.
Benefits of TimeTec Patrol :
Automation of tasks promotes efficiency
Effective BYOD concept
Accurate reports to present to clients
Gauge productivity of guards effectively
Cost-savings measure