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TimeTec Patrol Monitors Security Guards at Excellift
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Malaysia | 05/09/2019
Security is a vital concern for every business, and the significance of it multiplies when the company has high-value assets and inventory to protect. More often than not, companies hand over their security matters to security companies and expecting everything to run smoothly, and at the same time, they get the value of their investment in security. The reality is, with the absence of data; security companies can conceal much crucial information from the business owner, leaving them to bear the risks unknowingly.

Not taking any chances, a company in Jenjarom, Selangor, Malaysia turns to TimeTec Patrol for better management of its patrolling security guards. Excellift is an engineering crane company that is involved in the design, engineering, building, installation, and commission of lifting equipment ranging from standard to customized cranes and material handling equipment. The company has vast experience dealing with high-quality products and successfully established themselves as a reputable crane manufacturer internationally. Moreover, it has a factory for commissioning of the cranes before the cranes get installed at their customer site.

To make sure that the patrol security guards guarding their premises and factory vigilantly, the company introduces TimeTec Patrol as a tool to carry out their daily patrolling duty. From experience, Excellift management is aware that the previous patrolling guards had difficulties reporting any incidents sighted at the premises to their supervisor. If they fail to report incidents promptly, it could risk the company dearly. For example, if a fire broke or a broken pipe causing flood or vandalism, the company can suffer inventory and monetarily lost.
TimeTec Patrol Solution
Overview of TimeTec Patrol
Real-time Reporting
TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based patrolling solution that offers a company with a tool to monitor its patrolling guards' duty in real-time. Applying the same concept as the traditional guard solution, TimeTec Patrol requires installation of NFC or Beacon checkpoints along the perimeter of the factory for the guards to tap using his TimeTec App on Android smartphone during patrol rounds. When the guard taps on any checkpoints, the data immediately gets collected and pushed to the cloud server, accessible by the supervisors to view on his App or web in real-time. Therefore, the superiors can monitor the guards patrolling activities and receive incident reports as well as emergencies S.O.S. during the guard's patrol round. On top, the supervising officer can also send ad-hoc tasks to the guards on duty through TimeTec Patrol instantaneously.
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The communicative nature of TimeTec Patrol is what Excellift expects from a patrol solution. Now, all their security guards patrol using TimeTec Patrol and able to report any incidents sighted instantaneously.