TimeTec Patrol

Sepilok Resort Trusted TimeTec Patrol for Security
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Malaysia | 05/11/2019
TimeTec Patrol successful implementation resolves in-house security and improves immensely the facilities management of Sepilok Forest Edge Resort. The previous choice of a patrolling system with RFID patrolling reader did not turn out well for our client, Dynamic Prima View Sdn. Bhd.

Hired three security guards to carry out patrolling duty four times a day could be wary. Lack of trust can result in condemnation for working behind the schedules or for any wrongdoings. In the worst-case scenario for any incidents' responsibility, authorities must have adequate proof to pinpoint and reproach the employee(s). According to the established labour law, employers must avoid wrongful termination of employment. Sabrina from Dynamic Prima speaks about the issues and how has TimeTec Patrol resolved their worrisome problems.
Patrol Clocking Data
Transferred Manually Once a Week
No Data Backup
Lack of Efficiency
Cloud-Based Server All-Time Updated
Resolve Records Retrieving Delays
Improve Time Management and Management Work Efficiency
Patrol Scheduling
Disorganized Working Schedules
Lost Track of Patrolling Schedules
Unreliable Attendance Management
Organize Schedule & Route Planner
User-Friendly Dashboard for Duty Check
Minimize Patrolling Tardiness
Patrol Reporting
Unpredictable Patrol Attendance
Incomplete Patrol Activities Information
Unavoidable Ingenuity
Complete Data Audit List for Evaluation
Evaluation Based on Factual Proof
Flexible Format for Printing and Integration Purposes
TimeTec Patrol is a Real-time Patrolling Monitoring Platform in which users get to enjoy features like Live Location Tracking (LLT). By installing NFC Tags coupled with Android Smartphones installed with TimeTec Patrol App, the management team can set up as many checkpoints scan according to the floor plan with an additional interval time fixes to enhance patrol efficiency.
ATEX Smartphone
Asking for More System Functionalities?
Set up Incident types, Checkpoints & Routes Arrangement
The patrolling team will be taught to inform incident types, levels of alert, and notification recipients in one centralized system. The user interface is easily manageable by administrators and for security guards and staff to complete their profile details.
Enable Push notification & SOS Panic Button
Safety precaution asks for extra safety measures. TimeTec Patrol comes with responsive notification alert and SOS panic button features. Activation on notification and panic button supply vigilant guards an efficient and quicker method to stay on top of their guarding game.

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