TimeTec Patrol
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TimeTec RD68
TimeTec RD68

Android Based Rugged Device
TimeTec RD68 is a powerful Android operated rugged device designed as a tool to serve robust duty such as police patrolling, law enforcement, medical emergency, remote communication and more. The device is based on Android 5.1 with 1.3 GHz Quad-Core CPU, Dual-SIM of 4G and 3G communication and 4.7 inches of capacitive multi-touch screen display for durable usage. Equipped with 5MP front and 13MP rear camera, built-in GPS, 4G LTE Network, Bluetooth integrated and Near Field Communication (NFC), TimeTec RD68 delivers both real-time connectivity as well as the best-in-class data capture capabilities. TimeTec RD68 offers robust application performance at better speed and power with 1280x720 dpi high resolution, 2GB RAM+16GB Flash Memory and battery capacity of 4000mAh. What's more, the device has a built-in Walkie-Talkie, Push-To-Talk (PTT) and SOS function to enhance communication efficiency of officers on duty.

TimeTec Patrol is applicable on all NFC infused smartphones. TimeTec RD68 is an option for companies looking for a robust and rugged device for their security guards touring purposes
Rugged & Robust
Enclosed with a thick exterior to endure drops up to 1.5m on a concrete surface
Certified IP68 for dust and water resistance.
Android OS Enterprise-Class
Provides an enterprise-class data capture support, security, device management and Wi-Fi connections for large scale usage in many industries
HD Screen for Sharper View
Installed with 4.7" HD multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1280x720 dpi for easier operation and better visibility stronger even under bright sunlight.
Easy Wireless Communication
Supports Dual-SIM 4G&3G, Blind-mate and Seamless roaming. Works freely in 3G WCDMA and 4G LTE networks, WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless, and Bluetooth 4.0 for high-speed data transmission.
Ample Memory Capacity
TimeTec RD68 comes with 2GB RAM+16GB Flash Memory.
Best Battery Life
E4000mAh large capacity Lithium battery for full operation of approximately 20 hours
Long Range Communication
Built-in Walkie-Talkie and Push-To-Talk (PTT) for instant communications between users in case of emergency complete with an external antenna for range up to 3-5 km.
Pocketable Design
Small, lightweight and pocketable and made up of non-slip material for better operation.