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Eupe Enhancing Authenticity Via TimeTec Patrol
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 05/09/2018
Founded in 1986, Eupe Corporation Berhad has become one of Malaysia’s most successful and trusted township developers. That said, the company is now entering an exciting new era with a number of major residential development projects being planned and developed in Kuala Lumpur. Recent landmark projects include Sky Residences, the first high-rise luxury residential development in Sungai Petani and the first LEED certified (core and shell) building in Malaysia, as well as Astana Parkhomes, Somerset (Kedah) and Hillpark Residences (Penang).

With the focus being to produce high-quality homes, Eupe likewise wanted to build a safer environment for the residences that they developed. As such, the company has implemented various security solutions beforehand. However, Eupe wasn’t satisfied with the results produced by said solutions as they noticed that most solutions produce reports that can be easily altered thus leading to an increased in false reports. In order to avoid further potential alterations, Eupe has thus turned their attention towards our Smart Guard Tour Solution: TimeTec Patrol.

Since TimeTec Patrol operates in the cloud, all record data will be stored safely from unauthorized individuals meaning only the administrators are allowed to make any changes on the patrol reports or schedules. If this isn’t foolproof enough, TimeTec Patrol even retain an audit trail for any administrators wishing to fully review their security guards’ performance. That said, the solution caters for different role functions that include the above-mentioned administrators as well as supervisors and security officers, along with the respective user-interface for both PC and Mobile App for Android.
Eupe Corporation Berhad has deployed TimeTec Patrol amongst its various development project to help boost the security aspect in addition to increasing the transparency in terms of the guards’ performance. For companies interested to know more about the potential of TimeTec Patrol, we also offer TimeTec RD68 to assist the security guards in carrying out a more efficient patrol tour.

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