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Caritas Yaumati Social Centre Secures Perimeter with
TimeTec Patrol
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Hong Kong | 04/10/2019
Established in 1979, Caritas Yaumati Social Centre provides career training and hospitality services for the community and rehabilitation service for persons with a moderate-grade mental handicap. Caritas Southwest Kowloon Local Service Coordination Office is responsible for centre administration, coordination and liaison work within the Southwest Kowloon Deanery. It also provides janitorial services for the centre. Since July 2013, the Kowloon Social Centre and Yaumati Social Centre have been merged together to help in centralizing the resources and delivering a better service.

The social centre has a 20-floor building that needs to be well maintained at all times. Hence, security guards were hired to safeguard the building by monitoring the security with the help of CCTV and alarm systems.

To monitor the guards better, TimeTec Patrol is used as a tool for them to check-in at each floor by scanning on the NFC tag with a smartphone.

Problems of Conventional Guard System

Report Delay

Manual Data Retrieval

Can't Keep Track of Data

No Report Analysis

On top, TimeTec Patrol simplifies scheduling of patrol routes as each route can set with a specific time to start, as well as the duration of the patrol.

Advantages of scheduling features in TimeTec Patrol

 Tardiness Analysis  Missing Checkpoints  Missing Routes  Incomplete Routes
Additional advantages of TimeTec Patrol
Offline Mode available if no internet connectivity, sync to the system when online. Learn more about Offline Mode in TimeTec Patrol here.
PIC gets instant notification on the reported incidents and responds promptly.
Security guards report incidents by an app with a photo feature.
Patrol data accessible

TimeTec Patrol deployment is brought to you by Founder GlobalTech, a long-time partner and reseller for TimeTec products and FingerTec in Hong Kong.

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