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Dynamic Guardforce Fixes Safety Via TimeTec Patrol
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 05/10/2018
Dynamic Guardforce Sdn. Bhd. was set up on 10th February 2012 with the main purpose to meet the increasing demand from the commercial and industry sectors regarding the services for a security company. The company is a wholly owned Bumiputera company registered under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) and is also a registered member of the Security Services Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia / PPKKM).

As such, Dynamic Guardforce provides the highest performance standards in each practice area with the level of service far exceeding the industry standards. This is further seen when the company reviewed that their previous guard system which depended upon the RFID cards, was not suitable due to the fact that anyone holding the cards can pose as a security guard. This issue thus does not bode well with Dynamic Guardforce and the company concluded that a change is required. After much consideration, Dynamic Guardforce soon picked TimeTec Patrol for maximum security.

TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based guard tour solution that is designed to be foolproof as well as able to consistently maintain the security of the compound being patrolled. This is because TimeTec Patrol can only be logged in by the authorized guards in addition to recording every activity that the security guards have carried out from verifying checkpoints to reporting incidents. All record trails will then be uploaded to the cloud for reviewing purposes and free from unapproved editing. On top of that, if security guards were to be late or absent from their patrol, the supervisors at Dynamic Guardforce will likewise receive a notification regarding the issue thus keeping the security level in check.
Dynamic Guardhouse is currently subscribed to TimeTec Patrol as well as obtained 50 units of NFC Tags to be placed around the perimeter of their secured premises. That said, the company is also looking forward to implement our smart solution onto its other office branches as well for a comprehensive security system. For more information on how TimeTec Patrol works, click the link below to visit our website.