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TimeTec Patrol Optimising Security For Orizon
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Singapore | 05/11/2018
Orizon Security Services Pte Ltd is the flagship of the Orizon Group of Companies. It was established in 2017 with the objective of providing quality and effective security services through passion and teamwork to both the private and public sectors of the industry. With this aim in mind, the company has met the physical security needs of its clients by providing reliable security officers to its assignments.

However, the security industry is a rather competitive market and to compete in such a market, means that Orizon will need to level the playing field. As mentioned above, having met the physical security requirements, the company believes that their next strategy lies in the management aspect of their security force. After much research, Orizon decided to approach TimeTec for our Smart Guard Tour Solution: TimeTec Patrol.

What caught Orizon’s attention is the fact that TimeTec Patrol utilizes cloud technology within its designed structure, which is exceptional in terms of providing real-time data monitoring when compared to the previous RFID system deployed by the company. In addition to that, TimeTec Patrol also offers various handy features that are necessary for maintaining maximum security level, i.e. random schedule whereby routes will only be revealed once the one before has been scanned, S.O.S Panic Button whereas guards can trigger an alert in case of a security breach and more. As such, our Smart Solution can definitely give an edge to Orizon within the security industry.

Orizon Security Services Pte Ltd has thus subscribed to TimeTec Patrol and is currently enjoying the various features that our Smart Solution has to offer. Security is NEVER a compromise and your investment in TimeTec Patrol ensures that you manage all security aspects of your organization. Discover more about our Smart Guard Tour solution by visiting our website provided below.

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