FingerTec News  05/11/2016
TimeTec Patrol, the Cloud-based Security Guards Management Solution
Now the Beta is Ready for You
All hands on deck, TimeTec Patrol Beta version is available starting this November 2016! TimeTec Patrol is a cloud solution from TimeTec Computing for guard management and monitoring system that cut frills on patrolling and administration tasks day-in, day-out for security firms. There are two parts to TimeTec Patrol, one is the web solution at and another is its Patrol App available on Android phones. The TimeTec Patrol solution is the platform for security firms to manage their patrolling sites, customers, guards, routes, monitor sites, and many more. Patrol App is the tool for the security guards to use during their patrol duties, embracing the BYOD concept with Android devices.
Take Control from One Centralized Location
Regardless of where your customer sites are, TimeTec Patrol can control and monitor the activities from one centralized location with all the data intact in the TimeTec cloud server. From the software, a security firm can organize and manage its multiple customers and a large number of security guards, while at the same time monitor the security situation at all sites and receiving information and reports in real time, enables them to react immediately in case of emergencies.
One Device, Ample Benefits
Let the security officers regulate the schedules and routes of the patrolling guards using the web solution, while the guards are equipped with Android phones with ample advantages. Not only that this user-friendly Patrol App has all the details of the routes for the guards-on-duty to tap on the NFC tags (check points) along the patrol route, but the guards also can use the phone to snap photos to report incidents, observations, and etc. during emergencies. Using a mobile device, the guards can stay connected to their immediate supervisors; receive notifications, job orders and etc.
Effective Guard Patrolling Management
Supervisors can monitor guards whereabouts with TimeTec Patrol from their control station and at the same time deliver job orders in real-time to guards-on-duty. The Patrol App is designed in a way that guards answer to the questions set by the clients/management at particular checkpoint, and the answer to the question prompts the firm to device appropriate action accordingly. For example, during a patrol round at a carpark at 11pm, the area should have 10 company vans. So the question should be, how many vans do you see? If the guard type 8, then 2 vans didn’t make it back to the office on time and it’ll be in the report to be taken care of the next day.
Receive Real-Time Reports & Take Immediate Actions
When it comes to security even a few seconds make a difference. With TimeTec Patrol, you can view live feed of each checkpoint of your patrolling guards and any reported events/incidents in real-time so that immediate actions can take place, if necessary. In times of emergencies, guards can tap on the panic button on the phone to trigger the SOS alert and this will automatically activates the camera to snap a few photos of the event. All the info and the photos will be sent to the server immediately. The supervisors will be receiving push notifications via their mobile phones and email accounts to ensure prevention measures are taken in the quickest way possible to address the reported incidents. This is an added advantage for security firms as it paints a strong sense of trust and brand reliability.
Light & Easy Overall Management and Reporting Process
Management tasks are a lot simplified when it is automated. With TimeTec Patrol, security companies can computerize attendance recording, scheduling and reporting processes. The solution also enables immediate and fast viewing and generating records like Monthly Patrol Reports, Patrol Reports and Incidents Reports.

Mobility is the key element of a security business. Guards are usually stationed to multiple sites and monitored under a centralized management station. Without a proper system the process often deviates and suffer inefficiencies, disciplinary issues, poor time management and etc. This often reflects negatively on the security company. TimeTec Patrol helps to centralize, automate and provide clean management system.

At a minimum expense TimeTec Patrol comes with beneficial features to help security companies to add value and reliability to their service. Click into TimeTec Patrol or speak to our sales and marketing team at to find out more. In the meantime, be sure to tap on the icon below and download TimeTec Patrol Mobile App for FREE.

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