A Small Investment that Yields Better Reputation for Security Companies
FingerTec News | 03/05/2019
Security services is one of the services offered by security organization or security company to its clients apart from other services. Some of the services under the provision of this security services include supplying armed or unarmed static guarding, managing central monitoring station, providing security patrol, escort services and/or bodyguard services. For security services, security companies build their reputations through the types of services they offer and more important through the quality of their security personnel.
On top of putting up a confident front with complete uniform and security tools, security companies at the very least need to provide security personnel with the knowledge of the basic roles, tasks and responsibilities of their duties. Additionally, the supplied security personnel must be equipped with the know-how on handling specific tasks at a specific area and they also need to understand their roles and responsibilities during emergencies, able to write a complete report post incident, understand the Power of Arrest and Rights of Private Defense, and understand the importance of Health and Safety at the workplace.
The better the understanding and discipline security personnel has, the better the job they can deliver and the better quality services the customers receive. Hence, it is utmost important for security companies that are supplying security services to maintain the quality of its personnel at all times to boost confidence and good reputation amongst their clients.

Furthermore, a security company also must be knowledgeable about security systems and solutions including the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring, and therefore, must be equipped to train all the relevant personnel in areas which are required such as handling access control, vehicle tracking, alarm system and such. Training is undoubtedly one way to ensure the quality of security personnel because from the trainings received, all personnel will be taught the values of responsibilities and have the skills to improve the attitude and knowledge in order to perform their duties effectively and be a part of the solution.

Nevertheless, while trainings can be made available by security companies, the actual performance of the security personnel or guards has to be monitored regularly. The question is how to ensure that security personnel carry their duties to the best of their abilities for the good of the clients?

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This is where TimeTec Patrol adds value to the security companies without burning a hole in one’s pocket.

TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based monitoring tool designed to provide security companies or security clients with location evidence of the guards’ whereabouts when they are on patrolling duty. With TimeTec Patrol, the patrolling routes can be predetermined by distributing NFC tags/Beacons along the route and the guards on duty will have to follow the route assigned precisely and tap the tag with the TimeTec Patrol mobile App within the stipulated time provided for that particular route duty. At the end of the day, the discipline of all guards can be manifested by the data received during their patrolling duties. With the access of such data, the management can take remedial action on the underperforming guards to ensure quality of the guards is always at an optimum level.
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Time Beacon NFC Tag
Deployment of TimeTec Patrol into a client’s patrolling site will not cost a security company a bloated cost because the account was charged by the number of checkpoints per site on a monthly basis. It doesn’t matter how many security guards a security company has, the charge will be based on the checkpoints assigned to a particular patrol site. For example, if one site has 50 checkpoints and the cost per checkpoint is USD2. Hence, every month that site has to pay USD100 to get additional detailed information about all the patrolling activities conducted. If that security company supplies 10 security guards, averagely it’ll only add USD10 cost per guard. The advantage is, by maintaining the quality of the security personnel supplied to a client, a security company can put a premium price to its services because every detail of its patrol service is documented as a proof of a great service.

By the end of the day, a small investment of TimeTec Patrol into the patrol security service is able to heighten the image and reputation a security company by delivering an excellent job to a client, which will increase the value of the company and its services in the future.

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