TimeTec Patrol
New Look
FingerTec News | 05/03/2019
Great news! Our amazing TimeTec Patrol. app has just been given a brand new contemporary and user-friendly update. Now sporting a clean and crisp outlook, users will have an even better experience using TimeTec Patrol.
At TimeTec, our mission is to be the absolute best. This means never-ending updates to our solutions making them quicker, faster and more comprehensive. TimeTec Patrol is an app used for checkpoint scheduling, patrol monitoring and for guard usage. This new UI promotes a simpler approach used by the guards and will result in a quicker learning curve. The large and clearly labeled buttons prevent mistakes and simplify product training.
TimeTec RD68
TimeTec Patrol simplifies the patrol activities of the guards and allows for the supervisors to monitor their progress as well as a whole host of additional features. With the UI update, this is made even simpler by speeding up communications between supervisors and guards while making app navigation a pleasant experience.
TimeTec Patrol is more than just a patrolling app, it is a full comprehensive patrolling solution which is adaptable to all types of situations. Our clients range from security companies, housing communities, factories and large corporate offices. Visit our website today for an in-depth explanation on the benefits of having a Smart Security Solution which adds value to your organisation.
TimeTec Patrol