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TimeTec Patrol Adds Real Time Value to South Asia Management (HK) Security Management
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Hong Kong | 30/05/2019
South Asia Management is a company that focuses on clothing and textiles distribution for many major brands in Hong Kong. Their office building is a 20-storey building located in the city center of Hong Kong that has been secured with various security facilities such as CCTV, alarm, patrolling guards and more. Even with all the security systems intact, the management still deploys teams of physical patrolling guards in and around the building to secure the safety of the company’s staffs, assets, and inventory.

Nevertheless, the current patrolling system being used by the guards is cumbersome when it comes to extracting data for reporting purposes. Due to the fact that the system is offline, manual data transfer from USB to PC is required after every patrol session and it often takes time which a city like Hong Kong cannot afford. The report formats also are not uniformly processed, and this adds more burden to the team to calculate the tardiness of patrol guards accurately such as absence and tardiness.
As such, TimeTec Patrol is being introduced by our dealer, Founder Globaltech with the main purpose of solving the predicament faced by South Asia Management. More so, TimeTec Patrol is offering added benefits such as Report Incident, Panic Button, Job Order, and many other useful features. With TimeTec Patrol, the patrolling schedules can be preset and pre-assign to specific guards to perform their daily duties, and the cloud nature of TimeTec Patrol makes the patrolling data be transferred in real time, saving the company time and money in a long run. Furthermore, the supervisor will be able to receive push notifications on TimeTec Patrol mobile App on security guard’s tardiness, absences, reported incidents & panic button for immediate action as well as remedial actions to be taken promptly and effectively.

The overall patrol operation in the building has been simplified with TimeTec Patrol, with guards carrying out patrol duties daily and the supervisor will be able to monitor them closely and accurately. Currently, TimeTec checkpoints are being installed at the car park, basement, rooftop, staircase of the building.
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Small to large companies can benefit from TimeTec Patrol real time feature with minimal investment. There is no reason to stick to an offline system that is ineffective when the online accurate system gives you more for less.

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