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Malaysia | 05/06/2018
Lycée Français Maximizing Security with
TimeTec Patrol
Lycée Français Kuala Lumpur (LFKL), like most French schools abroad, is a privately-run school, managed by different decision-making and consultative bodies. When it opened its doors in 1962, for a handful of students, the French School of Kuala Lumpur was generously accommodated in the premises of the Alliance Française. Today, LFKL has undergone rapid development and accommodates around 800 students in its premises.

As the school is steadily expanding throughout the years, LFKL has determined that a more efficient security should be in placed within its compounds due to the fact that their current guards arrangement couldn’t produce any records of the guards’ patrol. For a school such as LFKL, having a proper security system is necessary seeing that most of the students are still at a very young age. This is so that incidents such as school bullying, vandalism and potential kidnapping could be prevented. Having discussed with our KL reseller, Z Force Security Services and Systems Sdn. Bhd., LFKL settled on TimeTec Patrol to be deployed at their premises.

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TimeTec Patrol is a smart solution that assists guards’ patrol by centralizing guard management and monitoring system in a cloud server. By combining Near Frequency Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, TimeTec Patrol allows for patrolling guards to verify their patrolled checkpoints in terms of the location and time. Additionally, patrol guards can also report any incidents occurred along the route in real-time with all the data being stored in the cloud and made easily accessible for the security management to review.

As stated by Mr. Hafiz, the Security Manager of Z Force Security Services and Systems Sdn. Bhd., “TimeTec Patrol allows us to monitor all of the security guards patrolling activities via Mobile App and Web Portal as well as generate reports on a weekly basis for records and references purposes”.

LFKL is very impressed by TimeTec Patrol upon subscribing as the management is now able to maintain a high level of security at all times. That said, LFKL has also decided to implement TimeTec Patrol onto its other sites as soon as the area has been developed.

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