TBKSSB Restoring Safety Via TimeTec Patrol
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Malaysia | 03/07/2018
Tan Bock Kwee & Sons Sdn. Bhd. (TBKSSB) is a Malaysian incorporated company with leading position in the construction sectors of civil construction and sanitation. Incorporated in 1975, TBKSSB has emerged as a solid name in civil and waste engineering. The company has even developed their own local team of 180 adept and dedicated personnel as well as their own fleet of engineering equipments.

With the amount of employees at hand, the company has been utilizing TimeTec TA cloud-based time attendance system to manage its staffs thus far and is very satisfied with the results provided by our smart product. Hence, TBKSSB decided to once again seek out TimeTec for another smart solution to handle its security aspect considering the fact that the company likewise has various expensive equipments installed at its premise. As such, TBKSSB has selected TimeTec Patrol as the next main choice.

TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based guard touring solution that allows companies such as TBKSSB to manage their security guards more effectively. How the solution works is that the system uses Near Frequency Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device to verify the guards’ patrol rounds. This in turn allows the management of TBKSSB to be informed on whether their security guards are actually carrying out the rounds as well as which ground has been covered. On the other hand, guards can likewise report any damaged equipments in real-time via TimeTec Patrol in order for the management to rectify the issue as soon as possible.
TBKSSB is currently using TimeTec Patrol along with its NFC Tags counterparts, which were supplied by our Malaysia reseller, My Radions Technologies Sdn. Bhd.. Therefore, the company is now not only able to boost their security but also immediately address any discovered faulty equipments thus saving valuable resource in the long run. For more information about TimeTec Patrol amazing guard solution, click the link below.
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