TimeTec Patrol
Universal Guards Sdn Bhd modernizes security services with TimeTec Patrol
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Malaysia | 03/01/2020
Aspire to be one of the most capable services in the changing dynamics of Malaysian security and social landscape, Universal Guards Sdn. Bhd has earned its crowning moment of a worthy business by employing a proactive and dynamic approach to unlock the highest excellence of international security standards to meet the requirement of all highly valued customers.

Being a company that tackles the security industry with a powerful combination of its award-winning technology and highly-qualified personnel, Universal Guards has outrivalled competitors with outstanding protection guaranteed for premises.

Despite the team is renowned for its exceptional management team and contemporary security products design. It is a business responsibility to make ‘Improvement’ a goal to keep at all times. By the same token, they have decided to upgrade their promise of “delivering real-time 24/7 visibility into the status and location of all organizations and/or business assets” in exchange for higher clients’ faith with TimeTec Patrol as their latest business investment.

Recently, Universal Guards Sdn. Bhd. has engaged with TimeTec Patrol for an enhanced security solution at one of their clients’ premises, Meru Desa Park.
Advancement Made with TimeTec Patrol
Real-time Insights of Security Guards Patrolling Activities
Immediate Alert of Patrol Delayed and Incidents Reporting
Comprehensive Patrol Route
30 checkpoints were set up at Meru Desa Park. With TimeTec Patrol, Universal Guards will be capable to offer this premise a strengthen and a modernized version of premises security control.
PLUS, TimeTec Patrol provides
Rugged Device
  Use as a scanning tool for specific checkpoint check-in at a scheduled time
  Offer other useful features such as durable exterior and battery life, ample memory capacity and more!
Easy Configuration & User-Friendly
  Setup is Quick
  Training is Easy
  Manage is Simple
TimeTec Patrol is a solution adopted with a powerful line of resources that takes the edge off the unwanted intrusion of premises and opts to increase efficiency on security performances to a greater degree.
Need those resources to satisfy your customers’ security needs?
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