TimeTec Patrol Providing HRPB Peace Of Mind
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Malaysia | 04/01/2019
The history of Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB) began in 1891 as a District Hospital known as Ipoh Hospital with a capacity of 50 beds only. Since then, the hospital has undergone various major developments, which include the 8-storey main building (1980), Specialist Clinic Complex (1992) and the Daily treatment Complex (2005). As of now, the hospital is Malaysia's third largest hospital after the Kuala Lumpur Hospital and the Penang Hospital with a capacity of 990 beds, 16 surgical halls, 16 beds of adult care units, 8 beds of heart treatment units, 17 beds of intensive care units for children (PICU) and 20 beds neonatal treatment units.

Being a hospital with that many infrastructures at hand, it is thus not surprising that HRPB would want a better security in placed. From hospitalized patients to expensive medicine storage rooms, the security factor should be maintained at all times high to ensure that their patients received the best service possible. This particular aspect is especially noted by Mr. Balaacandar, the security provider of HRPB, and has therefore taken the notion to seek out a modern solution for their security management system.

The reason HRPB chose TimeTec Patrol is because our Smart Solution has the capability to provide the hospital with a comprehensive means of tracking as well as handling their guard patrols. Additionally, TimeTec Patrol’s user-friendly interface likewise allows the security guards to quickly grasp its function in a very short span of time. Since TimeTec Patrol is easy to setup, the installation carried out on HRPB’s huge premise is covered in just a single day. Furthermore, TimeTec Patrol is designed as a cloud-based solution, meaning with every growing features, the system will remain relevant as time goes on; cementing TimeTec Patrol as a smart investment

Hospitals such as HRPB, often have to deal with peak hours, i.e. emergency treatments, high influx of patients and etc; hence, having a versatile solution is a must in terms of adding value to the organisation’s security function. HRPB has now implemented 100 checkpoints throughout its establishments, which are all tied to TimeTec Patrol for maximum safety. Discover more about TimeTec Patrol and many of the amazing features being offered!

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