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Global News (Asia & Australasia)  
   Malaysia | 05/01/2018
Alam Sutera Residence Subscribes to TimeTec Patrol
for Guard Touring
Located in Bukit Jalil, Alam Sutera Residence is a community stretching for about two kilometres long, with about 110 houses within the area, and approximately 15 streets. Seeing that this will not be an easy place to monitor and the fact that previous systems has already failed to accomplish this feat, the residence decided to seek out TimeTec regarding the guard patrol software in which they stumbled upon.

TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based guard tour solution that assists in the management of security guards. Using Near Frequency Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device and Beacon with Cloud computing technology, TimeTec Patrol is able to provide communities with an effective patrolling App via smartphone. What’s more, patrol guards will also be able to report incidents, send photos, provide updates in real-time or even request for an S.O.S distress message in order to maintain high level of security at all times.

Checkpoint Scan Made Easy with NFC
View & Manage Scheduled Routes
Report Incidents As it Happens
SOS Alert during Emergencies Complete with Photos
Receive Ad-Hoc Job Orders During Rounds
Get Notified for Crucial Information
Access to Emergency Contacts At All Times
Real-Time Monitoring of Guards Whereabout
Offline Mode for Patrolling Routes

As stated by Rian Maelzer, Secretary of Alam Sutera Residence Association, “We had tried other patrol clocking systems in the past using RFID and QR codes. The system required us to take the clocking device and manually download the records to check whether the guards were patrolling properly. This (method) was slow and cumbersome… So when we changed security companies we thought we’d also try to look at new systems. We came across Timetec and contacted them... Since TimeTec offered an attractive price, and what looked to be a simple and efficient system, we chose to adopt Timetec’s clocking system using NFC Tags right away.

From the positive experience, Alam Sutera Residence is very confident with the services provided by TimeTec Patrol and that TimeTec as a company has proved to be highly professional and able to offer excellent client support.

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