TimeTec Patrol
Aluminium Market Founder Alimex ACP Asia Sdn. Bhd. Lean In TimeTec Patrol for Security Control
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 05/02/2020
Profiting as an aluminium cast Plate and Black products leading manufacturer and provider in the industry for over 40 years, Alimex ACP Asia Sdn. Bhd continues to supply the end users, public and private companies with malleable and high precision aluminium production of products. Showing an interest in continuous product innovation using leading technology have demonstrated their state of readiness for unceasing market exposure.

With increasing labour in the factory, Alimex ACP Asia Sdn Bhd had taken action in re-conceptualizing what is needed to provide a secure environment for their employees. Force One Protection (M) Sdn. Bhd, a private security company and being as a TimeTec Reseller, stepped in with robust equipment that provides manned guarding services - introduced TimeTec Patrol for Alimex’s security enhancement.
TimeTec Patrol and Alimex pull together as a team to resolve problems and handle the need of the company. Commenting on how the implementation has unravelled the conventional patrol system, TimeTec Patrol has impressed this client in many ways.
NFC Tags
used as guards’ shifts clocking devices attached at chosen checkpoints
Smartphone Devices
paired with TimeTec Patrol app to scan at checkpoints for real-time clocking
TimeTec App
downloaded on the patrol device can be used for clocking and tracking purposes
Configured Route & Schedule Planner
prevented guards from taking a detour, bypassing or schedule delayed
Clocking Data Auto-Sync
to TimeTec Patrol web portal for monitoring and reporting purposes
Achieving success in system implementation and guards’ work efficiency guaranteed, Alimex ACP Asia Sdn Bhd remarked TimeTec Patrol system as a user-friendly, reliable and secure operating system. Now, they have improved workplace safety significantly in furtherance of a higher sense of protection for employees. On the other hand, they are also able to quit worrying about the patrol route records or to generate a detailed report for evaluation on carried-out duty, tardiness and absences of the hired guards; And, continue to focus on their business prospered as the leading global brand.
You Work to Keep Your Business The Best, Leave Your Premise Security to the Best Security Solution - TimeTec Patrol.
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