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DSK Securing Smartly With TimeTec Patrol
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Malaysia | 01/02/2019
DSK Security is a Professional Security Provider that has been offering quality guard services for the last 36 years. Regardless of the industry operation, DSK aims to be an efficient “Total Security Solutions Provider” in Malaysia by providing “Cost Effective and Reliable Security Services” together with state-of-the-art security systems to the satisfaction of valued customers.

As stated in their vision and in their effort to deliver the highest quality services possible, the company places a great value on implementing a solution that has the potential on further improving their performance, i.e. patrol, reporting, alarm system, notification, schedule and etc. This is because DSK Security supplies businesses with an array of options that scale to meet requirements up to 24 hours, 7 days a week protection. Having such expectations, DSK has thus set their attention upon TimeTec Patrol for their latest setup.

With TimeTec Patrol, DSK Security will no longer have to worry about rigid operation hours as Supervisors could easily arrange the patrol schedules efficiently for their security guards through the use of their smartphones. That’s not all, other than offering mobile convenience, TimeTec Patrol likewise has amazing on-the-go features such as Panic Alarm, Random Schedules as well as Real-Time Reporting for DSK to utilize and maintain a strong level of security throughout the premise. By implementing a cloud-based approach via TimeTec Patrol, it is without doubt that DSK is certainly able to uphold their commitment towards around-the-clock services.
TimeTec Patrol App Features:
Report Attendance My Schedule & Roster
Emergency Contacts Report Incidents
Routes & Checkpoints Job Orders
Panic Button Settings
That said, DSK Security is currently subscribed to TimeTec Patrol as well as complementing it with our Smart NFC Tags. TimeTec Patrol is so much more than just a regular Guard Management System; as it also offers TimeTec RD68 Rugged Device, Time Beacon as well as integration on a whole new level. Visit our website today for an in-depth explanation on the benefits of having a Smart Security Solution.
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