FingerTec News  03/02/2017
TimeTec Patrol is Ready to Roll
Welcome Resellers!
TimeTec Patrol is ready to roll this February! The Perfect Patrol app for Security Guard Management companies, and businesses that hire Security Guards!

Now you can report the whereabouts of the patrolling guards, assign ad-hoc tasks to your security guards, and obtain incident reports with attached evidence, all in real-time through your smartphone with TimeTec Patrol app.

The benefits of TimeTec Patrol are plenty:
Promotes Efficiency, Through Automation
From scheduling of patrol routes, assessment of routes by guards, and capturing the slightest detail of routes, TimeTec Patrol is automatic.
Establishes Data Accuracy and Integrity
All data recorded through TimeTec Patrol will be saved on a Cloud server, preventing human errors, data inaccuracy and inefficiency due to manual deployment of things.
Accurate Reports to Present to Clients
With each minute accounted for in detail, Clients will gain confidence in your service without having to worry about their investment and the security that you promise.
Gauge Productivity of Guards Effectively
By using TimeTec Patrol, you can gauge the productivity of each guard by knowing who stick to the time, who is lax on their jobs, who arrives late, who leave early, and etc.
Cost-Savings Measure
Investment in TimeTec Patrol is worth every penny because the system presents the company with accurate data, and at the same time reduces the burden of manual labor, doing away with unnecessary costs, and errors.
Adaptive BYOD Concept
Since TimeTec Patrol is an app for Smartphones. You can have your Guards to download the app straight to their smartphones and save on expensive tool and gadgets with TimeTec Patrol.
The Flow of TimeTec Patrol System
Company Setup
Add Users/Guards, Appoint Admins
Setup Company's Divisions/Patrol Locations, Assign Users/Guards
Create Emergency Contacts for each patrol location
TimeTec Patrol Setup
Add Patrol Devices, Assign them to patrol locations and patrolling guards
Patrol Location A
Patrol Location B
Patrol Location C
Create Incidents, Assign them to patrol location and notification recipients
Configure locations & checkpoints. Create buildings, floor and checkpoints
Add Patrol Routes, Assign checkpoints to every route. Set interval times between checkpoints
Create guard's patrol schedules. Assign routes and guards to the schedules
Once the configuration is done, admin can login to patrol app to enroll checkpoints. (NFC Tag)
TimeTec Patrol App
Security Guards carry out duties using App on Android smartphones based on schedules and routes assigned
Report Incidents
Job Order
Emails and Notifications will be sent to emergency contacts and person in-charge for effective monitoring and action
TimeTec Computing Sdn Bhd invites industry players to experience TimeTec Patrol and recommend this solution to their clients or choose TimeTec Patrol as a system to manage security guards.
Advantages of being a TimeTec Reseller
Ample free trial period - TimeTec offers 30 days no-obligation free trial to prospective customers.
One reseller platform and a single sign-on medium for different TimeTec application for monitoring and management of your customers’ accounts.
Professional looking sales and marketing materials like presentation kits, sample proposal and etc, available at TimeTec marketing resource center.
Strong support platform to back you up with e-learning, webinars, technical troubleshooting tips, 24/7/365 technical support and a lot more without additional cost to sustain your customers and eliminate support cost.
Wide multilingual availability that includes English, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and many more.
Auto-matching platform designed to connect you with the prospective customers in your region.
Auto-mailer system that can assist you in following up your sales and reduce the cost of sales.
30 – 50% and life-long profit sharing.
Recurring subscription sales.
Prepayment terms & absence of bad debt.
TimeTec Patrol is priced at USD2/user and the license can be purchased in blocks of 10.
Type: Warehouse | Total Security Personnel: 18
What is the cost to implement TimeTec Patrol?
A block of 10 user licenses cost USD20 monthly
18 users / 10 = 2 blocks
2 blocks x USD20 = USD40 monthly
Prepaid Annually Paid Monthly
USD432 (save 10%) USD480
Type: Chain Store | Total Store: 20 | Total Security Personnel: 200
What is the cost to implement TimeTec Patrol?
A block of 10 user licenses cost USD20 monthly
200 users/ 10 = 20 blocks
20 blocks x USD20 = USD400 monthly
Prepaid Annually Paid Monthly
USD4,320 (save 10%) USD4,800
Medium-size security company with 350 workers
Type: Security Company | Total employees: 350
What is the cost to implement TimeTec Patrol?
A block of 10 user licenses cost USD20 monthly
350 users/ 10 = 35 blocks
35 blocks x USD20 = USD700 monthly
Prepaid Annually Paid Monthly
USD7,560 (save 10%) USD8,400
Any questions on TimeTec Patrol and how this solution can help with security guard management, contact us at