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Malaysia | 05/08/2020

Forming by the name of JK Concepts Sdn. Bhd. under the James King Group Singapore has established a factory in Malaysia which solely supports the business of interior design production in the areas of signage production and installation, metalwork production and installation, and glass finishes and installation.

Since 2004, JK Concepts Sdn. Bhd. has received multiple projects from international brands and has forged long-lasting partnerships with many clients and suppliers. Being able to maintain high standards of services with exceptional finishes and timely delivery, JK Concepts has fruitfully earned its credits by adding their accomplished projects to the company’s completed list of projects across South East Asia, China, Middle East, Australia and Europe.

At JK, they are committed to strive for excellence in every project they take up. Having to build and expand their portfolio into the fashion, lifestyle and restaurant sectors, the group realizes they have to keep their assets within the premise protected.

Provided that, their result-driven management team has decided to set up 10 checkpoints to create timeliness of the patrolling deliveries and transform their security establishment with a new culture brought by TimeTec Patrol.

Previous System

  Unsystematic tracking of security guard patrolling activities
  Inflexible patrol scheduling
  Time-consuming in generating patrol reports
TimeTec Patrol

  Live patrolling monitoring via web or mobile application
  Automation with patrol route & scheduling features
  Pre-configured report for anytime accessible evaluation
This patrolling system is designated with features that can cater to many businesses’ requirements and needs. TimeTec Patrol supports security performance in the long-run with our systematic and casual solution to fulfil users’ serious purpose. Perhaps, it is your time to Acknowledge TimeTec Patrol’s Value Proposition?

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