Grandville is Taking Charge of its Residential Patrolling
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Malaysia | 05/08/2019
Nowadays, the importance of security in residential is paramount even more so in an exclusive area like Grandville and its building management takes a step forward by taking charge of the residential patrolling monitoring through TimeTec Patrol solution.

Grandville is an elite gated and guarded low-density residence comprising of semi-detached, cluster semi-detached and bungalow houses located in USJ 1 in Selangor, Malaysia. This area is designed best suited for contemporary living lifestyle as it features enormous space which spreads over 40 acres of land with widespread landscaping and greenery in abundance.

For such exclusivity and seclusion, Grandville does not compromise on its security and therefore, has subscribed to the cloud-based security patrol monitoring system, TimeTec Patrol. Previously Grandville was using the Watchman clock for its patrol guards but this decision has proven to be futile when the download of patrol data was not only done manually but sluggishly and the time recorders were almost always not functioning as expected. This has caused the download of data to be done on a monthly basis by the building management staff and the monitoring of the patrol guards cannot be carried out. To make matters worse, all the data stored in the recorder had gone missing very frequently to the dissatisfaction of the building management.
These are the features that are available on the TimeTec Patrol App:
Report Attendance My Schedule & Roster
Emergency Contacts Report Incidents
Routes & Checkpoints Job Orders
Panic Button Settings
Fortunately, the deployment of TimeTec Patrol in Grandville has managed to solve the many challenges caused by the old clocks and now the building management can view and monitor the guard’s patrol activity in real-time seamlessly. What’s more, the management is also in control of arranging the patrolling schedules & routes based on the agreement with the other committees. Gone were the days when the guards could take comfort to the fact that the patrolling data was absent. Now, all guards are supplied with TimeTec RD68, an industrial rugged smartphone device during their patrolling duty to enable them to give the management real time updates of their duties. By subscribing to TimeTec Patrol, the guards and the security officer can exchange information in real time such as reporting of incident and providing help as emergency happens.

Even though the residential engages a third party security company for security, TimeTec Patrol provides them with an upper hand in monitoring of the guards on duty. With TimeTec Patrol, all patrol activities are stored in the server and can be extracted as and when needed for reference.

Grandville is also subscribed to i-Neighbour, the smart community solution for around 200 units.