Live Location Tracking is
Now Up & Running in
TimeTec Patrol
FingerTec News | 05/08/2019
Introducing Live Location Tracking (LLT), a feature available in TimeTec Patrol that provides accurate information on your guards’ whereabouts at any given time. This new feature will check the current location of the guard and update it in TimeTec Patrol. Depending on the frequency set, the system will check on the guard’s locations and provide a trail on the map, indicating the path which the guard follows.

This new feature is available for a 7-day trial limited to 1 patrol device in TimeTec Patrol. With this free trial, users can enable this feature in a device and set the update time interval in System Settings under Patrol Settings.
Below is the step-by-step guide on how to enable and use the Live Location Tracking.
1. Login to TimeTec Patrol account. Go to Routes > Patrol Devices, and click Live Location Tracking Free Trial button.
2. Click Activate Now
3. Next, go to Company > System Settings, Patrol Settings. Set your live location tracking method, update interval time and idle time alert, and Save.
4. Go back to Routes > Patrol Device > Patrol Devices List tab, choose the device you want to track and enable the LLT option.
6. When this is done, the user/guard can resume patrolling job as usual. Their whereabouts will be displayed in TimeTec Patrol web version at Records > Live Location Tracking.

In this page, Admins will be able to view the trail of the user/guard and his status: Moving or Still. The pointers at the map are also numbered to indicate the sequence of the user’s movement.

5. Once you have enabled the LLT option for the selected mobile phone, please ask the user/guard to logout from his TimeTec Patrol mobile app and login again. This action is required to update the app with the new LLT feature. Once the user/guard has logged in, he will get a notification that the LLT feature has been activated as below.