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Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 03/08/2018
LF Logistics is the supply chain partner of choice for companies looking to sustainably grow in Asia with network spanning Greater China, ASEAN, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and Indian subcontinent thus providing the company with a strong “home court advantage” in this culturally diverse and economically active region. That said, LF Logistics is currently managing 20.1 million square feet of space and is also growing at an annual rate of 35%.

With this much space involved, LF Logistics soon expressed their concerns regarding the security factor of the premises, as cargo crime is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for logistics service providers. Since LF Logistics favours the aspect of scalability when deploying a solution, the company approached us for a Smart Solution that could likewise satisfy their demands. As such, TimeTec Team recommended that TimeTec Patrol to be deployed at the compound of LF Logistics.

TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based guard touring designed to manage a company’s security regardless of its size. The solution utilizes Near Frequency Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to provide companies such as LF Logistics with an effective patrolling App on Android smartphones. What’s more, as required by LF Logistics, TimeTec Patrol is entirely scalable with users being able to select the amount of subscriptions that suit their company. This not only ensures low initial investment for the setup but also helps brings high ROI for the company in the long run.

LF Logistics has now implemented TimeTec Patrol with approximately 30 units of NFC Tags installed at strategic locations of their headquarters and is likewise impressed with TimeTec Patrol various security features. The company is even planning to deploy our Smart Solution at its various operating sites in future period. To explore more in-depth about TimeTec Patrol multiple features, please click on the link below

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