Upgrading To Big Display
FingerTec News | 03/08/2018
As the saying goes “Bigger is Better”, TimeTec Patrol is now getting a more simplified and handy feature known as the Big Display. Under Routes & Checkpoints, security guards will now be presented with an enhanced interface whereby all of the relevant major information will be displayed in one page.
Tapping on Enroll Checkpoints icon will thus direct the guards to the checkpoint page whereby the guards can carry out their patrol tour efficiently. All guards need to do at this point is to tap on the Start icon and the patrol will begin shortly with each checkpoint progressing automatically once scanned.

That said, if users prefer the previous display, note that this interface is likewise interchangeable whereby users can tap on the Switch icon located at the top right of the main page within Routes & Checkpoints. Doing so will change the interface into the other display and vice versa.

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