TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Patrol Offers ATEX Certified Smartphones,
i-Safe for Extra Protection
FingerTec News | 05/04/2019
Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets might seem harmless because they are being used by many around the clock without causing any harm. However, the same statement can’t be applied at some work areas due to a few risk factors that could be happening at certain environment. For example, workers at a gas station can’t be using a smartphone at the station because a small spark from the phone could trigger a combustion is there is any gas leak in the air. Factory workers can’t simply bring their phone into the factory to adhere to the safety standards imposed by the premises.
TimeTec Patrol
To respond to this safety measures, TimeTec Patrol is proud to introduce two models of the ATEX certified smartphone to reduce the risk of their handheld equipment. Instead of using the standard devices cleared for the public, security company can choose the brand new addition to our variety of TimeTec Patrol, the i.Safe SmartPhone IS520.1, the powerful mobile phone for zone 1/21 with Android operating system or i.Safe SmartPhone IS520.2, a rugged dust and waterproof industrial mobile phone. Both of these ATEX are certified smartphones designed for use under extreme conditions. If you have a requirement for these robust devices, email us at info@timeteccloud.com to learn more.
i.Safe Smart Phone IS520.1
i.Safe Smart Phone IS520.2
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