TimeTec Patrol
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TimeTec Patrol App
Patrolling Easy & Clearly
TimeTec Patrol app is a mobile application for TimeTec Patrol; a cloud-based Guard Management System for security firms available at www.timetecpatrol.com. The mobile app is designed to improve the way patrolling security guards handles and reports of their guard-touring activities straight from their smartphones. Sign up and experience TimeTec Patrol today!
NFC Tag as Patrolling Checkpoints
Replace conventional guard tour device with NFC enabled Android smartphone. Position and register NFC tags at specific patrol routes’ locations. Patrolling security guards only need to tap their smartphones at the NFC tags to report at every checkpoint. Deployment of TimeTec Patrol app will enable Security Firms to monitor the locations of their security guards in real time on the monitoring page.
Schedule and Roster View
TimeTec Patrol app allows guards to view their individual schedules and rosters directly from the smartphones. The schedule displayed is complete with IN, BREAK and OUT time as a guide for the guards.

Routes and Checkpoints

Guards on duty are able to view all routes and checkpoints assigned to them before starting with their patrolling task. Once patrolling duty started, the app will show the next checkpoint for the guards to follow.

Real-time Incident Reports
On duty guards can report any incidents immediately in real time to the superior during their rounds. Notification via email and mobile will be sent to the person in charge for high status incidents. Photos can also be attached with the incident report as proof.

Real-time Job Assignment

At anytime during patrolling duty, the admin can assign a new job for the guard on duty to carry out during his patrol round.

SOS Alert
The app is equipped with SOS button for emergencies such as robbery or attack cases. When the guard presses the SOS alert, the receiving person in charge will be notified instantly on their phones and the guard’s smartphone will auto capture frontal snapshots of that moment and send the photos automatically to TimeTec Patrol server.

Offline Mode for Patrolling Routes
Guards can switch to an offline mode in the app before they begin patrol rounds in areas with no Internet connectivity. Data will be retrieved from the TimeTec server for offline use and once guards have completed their rounds and re-established Internet connection, they can upload the offline data back to server.