Patrol Incident Report – Updated the Attachment column
Within TimeTec Patrol’s Mobile App, there is a ‘Report Incident’ feature which allows guards to report incidents while they are on patrol. When submitting the report, user also have the option of attaching a photo proof or voice recording (Voice Note) should they find it necessary to provide more information.

As such, we’ve updated the Patrol Incident Report’s Attachment column. The report will now display separate icons for Photo Attachment and Voice Note (where available).

  Patrol Wizard - Description Updated
Next, some of the descriptions or terms used at Support > Wizard > Patrol Wizard have been fine-tuned to reflect the latest changes within the application.
a. Examples
i. ‘Patrol Devices’ tab
ii. ‘Assign Security Guards to Device’ tab
  TimeTec Patrol App Update
1. General
Implementation of App Update Control
i. Optional Update
ii. Compulsory Update
iii. Indication in Settings page
2. Added Mock Location Detection
To ensure the accuracy of any GPS location captured by TimeTec Patrol App, especially for the Panic Button / S.O.S. Alert function, we’ve added a Mock Location Detection function. When the App detects that Mock Location setting is enabled on your phone, the user will be signed out automatically.
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